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Conference to discuss new gTLD issues next week

Sat 19 Oct 2013 11:18:44 GMT

newdomains 2013 is a domain industry conference that will be held from October 27 to 29, 2013 at Munich, Germany.

The international conference will discuss marketing, law, and business aspects of new gTLD (general Top Level Domain names). Insightful lectures and interviews will take place from figures of notable domain name organizations and companies i.e.: ICANN, InternetX, Blacknight,  LogicBoxes,Verisign, Afilias, SHSG Lawfirm and others.

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MOZ index get updated, expect some DA and PA dance!

Sat 19 Oct 2013 06:01:49 GMT

MOZ index get updated, expect some DA and PA dance!

MOZ Index updated yesterday, 18 Oct 2013.
This morning, I noticed a total drop in some sites that I used to see a rank for on MOZ Bar.
I researched and found that MOZ Index has been updated yesterday, per their blog, and it seems taking hours to get all rankings updated, a process in which some sites may seem dropped.

No new Google Page Rank update this year, declared Cutts

No new Page Rank update this year declared Cutts

In a recent chat, Matt Cutts - Google’s head of Webspam team - replied to a question on whether there will be an update to Google's PageRank before 2014 saying "I would be surprised if that happened."

Webmasters have been waiting for months for an expected update to rank values. Something affects millions of websites, whose owners invested in building legit back-links, content-rich websites and blogs, to reach a higher PR, which converts into more customer confidence, better  reputation, more transactions, and more cash!

On May 22, a fourth launch of Penguin (webspam algorithm) has been rolled-out, which might be one factor behind the long delay of the Page Rank update.

Seems that Google decided to leave the whole webmaster community 'just waiting' indefinitly for the next Page Rank update to come!

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