BREAKING: Algeria To Ban Social Media Networks Websites For Days

Algerian National Ban Of Social Media Networks 19 to 23 June 2016

Algerian National Ban Of Social Media Networks
19 to 23 June 2016

Started on 19:00 GMT Saturday, 18 June 2016, social media networks, notably Facebook and Twitter confirmed inaccessible in Algeria, until Thursday 23 June 2016, according to an official who confirmed the news to Huffington Post Maghreb website today.

The Algerian official at the Ministry of Post, Information Technology and Communications (MPTIC) confirmed the ban to the official news agency Algeria Press Service as “a measure to protect candidates from false exam information” on those social media websites.

A widespread exam leaks published on social media networks in May this year, has resulted on the Ministry of Education to decide to redo some baccalaureate exams, according to Algeria Press Service.

Nearly 557,000 Algerian high school students will redo some exams from 19 to 23 June “to guarantee the principles enshrined by the Constitution: equity and equality of chances” said the Minister of National Education, Nouria Benghebrit to Algeria Press Service earlier this month.

17 Days Left For VoilaMail 500,000 Users Before Service Shutdown

Voila LogoAnnounced few months ago, the French free email service provider Voila will shutdown its free email service on 12 Jan 2016.

The Orange subsidiary service hasn’t provided any reasons or background on the decision of closing the free service that still serve 500,000 French-speaking users on its shutdown announcement page.

Voila has provided instructions for retrieving email messages before shutdown, and for enabling the mail forwarding option to a new email address, valid for six months only (12 July 2016), after which the mail transfer service will also shutdown.

The Orange’s service has also provided links to a contact page, FAQs pages, and a user discussion forum (which will also be shutdown on 16 Feb 2016).

Moodle 3.0.1 Today Available With PHP 7 Support

Moodle301 with php7 support is faster

Helen Foster, the Moodle LMS Community Manager, has announced today the release of the special release: Moodle 3.0.1
The new release of the widely-spread LMS is focused mainly to support PHP7, an upgrade that will boost the CMS performance, according to Foster’s post today, and the release notes page.

Excellent LMS
Moodle is one of the “excellent” LMS (Learning Management Systems) in the world today, according to PC Magazine’s Editor Rating in 2015.

Security fixes in January
This version upgrade comes with no new security fixes, which is scheduled for 11  January, 2016.

Where to get Moodle 3.0.1
Developers can download the software from its download site here.

Not All Free CMS Components Are Perfect All The Time

Be careful:Not all of 1000s free Plugins, Modules, Extensions or Themes are well-maintained, compatible with your current CMS version (and other components versions) & dependable.

Always check before you upgrade, if all the added modules/plugins will “STAY COMPATIBLE” after upgrading your installation of Worpress (or any other CMS).

Otherwise you will have a non-functional website, with some components buggy or not working.

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